About cookies

Cookies are text files with information which is stored on your device, including tablets and smart phones connected to the internet, when you visit a website. Cookies are used to make your website function more effectively and also to provide the owner of the website with certain types of information.

Cookies used on
Below is information about the cookies used on Danowsky & Partners’ website, the purpose of each one and the storage period.

  • [ASP.NET_ SessionId] is a cookie which, when visited and used by, is created automatically by the website in order for the website to function as intended and for us to be able to keep track of the information searches relating to each visitor. This cookie is stored temporarily on your device during the time you visit our website and is deleted when you close your browser,
  • [_utmb] is used to measure the duration of the visit and the number of pages shown and it is stored for 30 minutes after having been created and updated,
  • [_utmz] is used to document how the visitor found our website and it is stored for six months,
  • [_utma] is used to identify unique visitors and it is stored for two years.

[_utmb-, _utmz-, och_utma-]cookies are used within the services of the Google Analytics’ tools which give Danowsky & Partners information and guidance on how to improve content and structure of the website.

Information which is received through [_utmb-, _utmz-, and [_utma-cookies] including information about your IP address, is forwarded to and stored by Google on servers in the US. Google is responsible for its use and processing of personal information. Google reserves the right to transfer information to third parties if necessary according to applicable laws and regulations or if third parties use the information on behalf of Google. Further information regarding Google’s use of information is available through Google’s Privacy Policy.

Settings for and how to block cookies
Web browsers usually have a standard setting which accepts the use of cookies. You can change this setting so that you are informed when a cookie is sent to your device or you can block all cookies. You can also at any time choose to remove all the cookies which are stored on your device.

By changing the settings in your browser you can block the cookies that are used on our website, which may affect your experience of our website, e.g. by disabling certain functions.

If you do not wish your visit on our website to be included in Google Analytics’ statistics, you need to install an Opt-out browser Add-on; available for download here.