Our model

Our organization reflects the needs of our clients

Danowsky & Partners is owned by its partners, all of whom are actively engaged in our assignments. Our firm is organized in accordance with a strict true-partnership model, reflecting our conviction that this reduces the risk to clients or cases being dealt with according to the personal financial interests of individual lawyers. Our experience has shown that this model facilitates a working method whereby our partners work together on cases and every matter is staffed in the best interests of the client.

Our attorneys have wide-ranging corporate law backgrounds. We believe that in-depth experience from an array of industries and various legal fields is essential in order to be able to quickly identify relationships and the opportunities in an increasingly complex and integrated environment.

Danowsky & Partners has three values that permeate our work: we should be accessible, bold and responsible. Being accessible means being easy to reach and do business with, and our advice should be straightforward. Being bold means not shying away from tough challenges and providing unambiguous recommendations even in complex cases. Being responsible means that we always put the client first and that we look after our employees. We take a traditional view of professional ethics and the independent role of the lawyer. We stand firmly behind our clients, the cases we take on, and the advice we provide. We are always independent.

And we are proud to boast one of the highest levels of client satisfaction in the industry.